News + Events

09/28/2012 9:00 PM Official Album Release Show at Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles.
It’s Friday night. C’mon down!
09/25/2012 10:00 PM Album Release Show for all Westsiders at Witz End, Venice, CA.
Haven’t played LA in ages. This will be a fun one!
09/25/2012 Complication Simplified album release!
09/18/2012 Complication Simplified BandCamp advance release!
09/12/2012 “Stereo” music video released today!
09/04/2012 Complication Simplified iTunes advance release!
08/01/2012 “Nothing At All” video clip now up. Amazing work by animator Pete Michail.
YouTube Link
05/02/2012 We did it! Our Kickstarter goal was reached and I’m only a few weeks away from wrapping up my next album – thanks to you. Previews coming in July…
03/26/2012 My Kickstarter campaign is now up and running until May 1st. Your support is much appreciated! Thanks.
02/01/2012 “Don’t Go” will be featured on the in-store playlists of Hollister, MEXX, and
Tommy Hilfiger during February and March. Nice
12/13/2011 “Mr. Blue Sky” video clip release (YouTubeLink)
11/15/2011 “Bicycle Race” video clip release (YouTubeLink)
11/01/2011 “Covers” album release! Including covers of Elvis, Queen, INXS, Ice Cube and many more…
09/26/2011 9:00 PM Daydream No. 57 is featured on tonight’s episode of Suburgatory on ABC.
09/01/2011 Go Computer and Five Days a Week are due to air on the Fox TV show Daily Dish.
10/29/2010 “Walt’s Song”, an original I wrote for the new Nickelodeon show Gigantic, airs tonight.
09/14/2010 Music To Moving Pictures album release.
07/23/2010 Free Download! New unreleased song, “Caught On Fire” just uploaded to my MySpace Page.
06/09/2010 “Mulatia Mia”, written/produced for The Tao of Groove, appears tonight on FX Channel’s show Burn Notice.
04/14/2010 “Felicidade”, produced for Riolistic, comes out today on the album Sunset Paradise (Tommy Bahama).
03/10/2010 “Unsatisfied” is featured in the independent film Arrhythmia, out today.
02/01/2010 “Go Computer” video clip release (YouTube Link)
08/22/2009 9:00 PM “Prove Me Wrong Again” appears on the new mini-series Acceptance on the Lifetime channel (Joan Cusack / comedy about college acceptance.) Yes, Lifetime. I’m told it’s pretty good…
08/13/2009 10:00 PM Record Release Show at The Hotel Cafe. Special guests!
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028.
08/13/2009 “Not With You” video clip release (YouTube Link)
07/28/2009 HOLMES album official release. Stay tuned for more details.
06/30/2009 HOLMES album released on iTunes. Link here.
06/02/2009 7:00 PM Hunnypot Radio live interview.
05/04/2009 8:00 PM “Prove Me Wrong Again” appears on tonight’s episode of Knight Rider on NBC