Complication Simplified

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Reviews for Complication Simplified

8 out 10! Get it and you won’t be disappointed… read more


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Insatiably catchy and unquestionably indispensable songs… Have I sufficiently made the point that ‘Complication Simplified’ is a brilliant album that deserves as much attention as it can get? I sure hope so, because it is. read more

The Impaler

“Put a Hurt On Me” is funky as is “Mosquitoes” which has folk written all over it, but urban in-between the lines. More notable songs were a pair that are radio ready, “Pressing My Luck” and “Stereo,” and the one most can relate to, “Backwards World”… Fans of Matt Nathanson and Ryan Adams are good candidates for “cool cat” Holmes’ Complication Simplified, out now.

Golden Mix Tape

Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2012


Number 17, Top 100 Albums of 2012

Absolute Powerpop

Number 19, Top 35 Albums of 2012

Power Pop Academy

5 Stars. A refreshing twist to the average pop alternative record. You definitely won’t regret giving it a listen.

The Aquarian Weekly

I love the power pop of “Put a Hurt on Me.” “Crawling” has a very pretty melody, most intoxicating. I love the playfulness of “Mosquitoes.” “Different Ground” is airy and achingly beautiful. Great stuff!

Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

The guy has talent!


Complication Simplified shows a great variety in tone and instrumentation, while still focusing on Shakked’s great arrangements and songwriting… Gliding effortlessly from simple hooky fun tracks to darkly sophisticated ones.

Green Light

The title is perfect – their brand of pop music is intricate but fundamentally simple: It’s got a good beat, and a nice, sing-a-long chorus. Slick… Give it a try. I especially recommend “Pressing My Luck.”

Berkeley Place