Holmes can often be found buried under a mountain of vintage recording gear in his cozy Silverlake, California home studio, cooking up tracks for himself, other artists, television and film. He owes his music to his childhood mix-tape roots and old influences – The Beatles, David Bowie, The Cars, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, The Police, Howlin’ Wolf and many others…

Known to his mother as Roy Shakked, he was born in Israel, started playing piano at the age of 6 and spent his teen years in Boston. By the end of high school he was playing in various bands, wrongly believing it would improve his status with girls.

After attending Berklee College of Music, where he supported himself by working as a bar pianist, he moved to New York, where he worked as composer for obscure video games. A year later he found himself in Los Angeles producing albums for the Delta Music and Yamaha labels. As labels often do, they eventually went under and on cue, he started his own – Groove Gravy Records. A series of aliases followed: Jazzelicious (remixing Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy McGriff, McCoy Tyner, Carmen McRae and producing cuts for Shihan and Ursula Rucker), The Tao of Groove, Zigo, and RioListic, yet still, he insists he does not suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. In the process, his eclectic style caught the ears of music supervisors who have featured his tracks on television shows CSI Miami, Sex and The City, The OC, Independent Lens, Nip/Tuck, Without a Trace and Suburgatory among others, as well as a Nissan Motors commercial and movies Poseidon, Day Zero, Cross Bronx and The Devil Wears Prada.

By 2007 Roy decided to make a u-turn from the world of samples, loops and sequencing and go back to his old influences. It was time to release his original songs. An old band name turned nickname was dusted off, brought back to life and Holmes was (re)born. Enlisting a group of friends that would make any record producer’s mouth water – Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting), Chris Bruce (M’chelle Ndegeocello, Sheryl Crow), Michael Jerome (Blind Boys of Alabama, Better Than Ezra), Joel Shearer (Damien Rice, Alanis Morissette) and Brett Simons (Brian Wilson) to name a few – he went on to record dozens of songs pumped up with old-school goodness. Holmes thanks his lucky stars for good friends.

Following his first album Stop Go and an adventure-filled Europe tour he went on to record his self titled sophomore release in 2009. A 3rd album, Covers, (a covers album, hence the name) was released in the Fall of 2011 and a 4th, Complication Simplified, will be out September 2012.